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I’m a visibility expert, pr strategist, and lover of all things media

I teach personality brands and solopreneurs to take control of
their own PR, and confidently attain visibility and media attention.


I help you stand out and get noticed by being yourself.

I’m here to help you:
  • Captivate Media Attention
  • Confidentally Build Authentic Relationships
  • Create Compelling Stories
  • Feel Comfortable Being Seen

Here’s where I come in.

Some of my favorite specialties include:

No. 1   Captivate Media Attention

  • Your product/service deserves to shine and be shared!
  • Are you dying to know what you can do to stand out?
  • I’m here to teach you how to captivate Media attention for your business while being exactly who YOU are.

No. 2   Build Authentic Relationships

  • Let’s get you in the know and connected!
  • Ever wonder how some people just seem to know a lot of powerful people?
  • I’ll help you to create ways to build authentic relationships with powerful, key players in your industry.

No. 3   Create Compelling Stories

  • Time to be imaginative!
  • Are you ready to pitch and get your message out into the world?
  • I know it can be overwhelming, so let’s do this thing together, where we create different story angles and hooks for your product/service.

Sign up to get my free pdf on how to captivate media attention